Our Walls Stay Fresh. 

With gallery lighting and pristine walls, each building in the Sawyer Yards complex hosts on average 6 exhibitions a year. Our exhibitions aim to showcase the work of our occupants along with local, regional, and national organizations and institutions. We welcome visual art in all media, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, participatory, video and new media.

Our exhibitions aim to showcase the work of our occupants along with local, regional, and national artists, organizations, and institutions. We welcome visual art in all media, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, video, and new media.

Sawyer Yards has three gallery spaces approximately 2000 SQFT. that are programmed out on a rotating basis. Each gallery hosts four exhibitions per year. 

Project Description:

  • Sawyer Yards is accepting exhibition proposals on an ongoing basis. We invite artists and curators to propose exhibition ideas for our gallery spaces.
  • The gallery spaces (3) are approximately 2000 SQFT.
  • Proposals are invited from individual artists, curators, teams, or groups. 
  • The Sawyer Yards Exhibition Program's goal in selecting proposals includes presenting a cross-section of media, content, and diversity over the year while showcasing quality art. 
  • Sawyer Yards Exhibitions reserve the right to refuse the exhibition of work that does not accurately reflect the original proposal. 
  • Sawyer Yards is not responsible for damage or loss or artwork while on view. 
  • Artists are encouraged to insure their work while on view at Sawyer Yards.
  • Publicity will be provided through the Sawyer Yards Exhibition Program. 
  • Open flames and animals are not allowed. Soundtracks and audio must be able to be set on timers to be silenced during theater performances. 

 Evaluation Criteria:

  • Artistic quality: Artists of the highest artistic caliber, as demonstrated by examples of past work.
  • Responsiveness: Letter of intent, proposal images, and final work successfully portray the overall goals of the project as well as engaging and inspiring the community.
  • Project management ability: Applicant(s) demonstrate that the Artist has the necessary capability to accomplish the project, and to create and deliver the work on schedule

 Application Requirements:

  1. Resume, no more than three pages.
  2. Letter of Intent, to include contact information, and a description of how the Artist intends to meet the criteria listed above (1,500 words maximum).
  3. Work Examples: Up to ten (10) samples of previous work. Only JPEGs up to 5 MB in size will be accepted. 
  4. Image List for all Work Examples, to include Artist name(s), title, date completed (as applicable), dimensions, and material/medium.


Once your proposal has been reviewed you will receive notification from Sawyer Yards. Upon selection, the gallery and timeline will be determined for the upcoming year. Applicants whose work does not fit the criteria will be notified in a timely manner. 

Please contact Grace Zuñiga with any questions: creativedirector@sawyeryards.com

A Pop(up)
Submittable Deadline: Friday November 12, 2021
Installation: Friday November 19, 2021
De-installation: Saturday November 20@5:00pm, after 3rd Saturday - Monday November 22, 2021

This short, one-day Pop-Up exhibition is designed to showcase our excellent artwork for presentation during our Third Saturday event in November. Upholding our standard guidelines we will use limited pieces to display in the major areas of interest. We will present the pieces entered along the main corridor, entrance halls and junction halls (halls viewable from main without entrances). Any works remaining will be placed throughout the remaining halls. Our intention is to promote movement throughout the building by presenting work sparingly, but in a standard gallery style for viewing. 


  • On View: November 20, 2021
  • Submission deadline: Friday, November 12th at 11:59 PM.
  • Artwork must be hung on November 19, 2021. 

Installation for this pop up is available. If you wish to have your artwork installed, please read and accept the installation waiver. Note: you are responsible to for installing appropriate hanging system(hooks, d-rings, picture wire, etc). Artworks over 50 lbs. or Artworks required specialized hanging will be responsible of the artist. Artwork to be installed must be dropped off by 10 am on the 19th or prior arrangements made for availability. 

For 2 dimensional artists: 

  • Artwork will be hung on nails on the walls.
  • All works must be framed and wired for hanging using D rings or similar. Works with no frames will be considered, but you must be available to install yourself and/or assist with detailed instructions.
  • Artwork needs to be hung at 60" center. 

 For jewelers/sculptors: We have 8 pedestals. We will have the appropriate pedestals out in the corridor for you.
For Designers: Designers, please let us know if you can use your mannequins to display your work.

Exhibition Guidelines:
Works must:

  • All artwork exhibited must be professional and suitable for art in public space. 
  • Do not use anchor bolts (no Exceptions)
  • Wired hanging pieces must be firmly attached to the back of the piece, with wire trimmed so as not to show. 
  • Do not use sawtooth hangers or built-in cardboard clips. 
  • Do not hang painting from stretchers with nails.
  • All works on paper, including photographs, must be framed.
  • Unframed works will be considered, but artist must provide installation.
  • Artwork must be dry (NO wet submissions).
  • Works on canvas must be framed or have edges appropriate to the image or process. 
  • All work must be legibly labeled with the artist's name/title on the front. This will be use to match labels, so please make sure it is attached firmly but removable. 
  • Frames must be in good condition (no loose corners).
  • Electrical outlets available upon request, but must be coordinated through Exhibition Committee. 
  • Pedestals available on request, but must be coordinated through Exhibition Committee.
  • Artworks must be clean and free of smudges and smears that are not in keeping with the stylistic intent of the artwork. 
  • Artist must hang their own artworks, unless other options provided (costs to be specified).
  • Artwork should be hung 60" to center. Specific installations requiring a variance need to be reviewed by the Exhibition Committee. 
  • Placards/Name Plates will a follow standard template for the building.
  • Placards/Name Plates should be mounted 2" to the right of the artwork 60" to center. 
  • Fire alarm placement will be taken into consideration, so as not to impede installation. Placement near/under a fire alarm is inevitable, and will not, in itself, constitute relocation.
  • All sales are handled directly by the artist. Management will not handle sales in any way. Artwork sold during an exhibit must remain up until it can be immediately replaced. No withdrawals during an exhibition will be permitted. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by Exhibition Committee.
  • Artworks displayed should either remain up for the duration of the show or should follow the guidelines established in the exhibition plan.
  • Artworks not meeting the guidelines will not be included in exhibit to avoid damage to other artists’ work or Silver Street Studio’s walls.
  • Artists will be contacted to pick up their work if it does not meet the specific guidelines or exhibition plan. If it is an easy fix, ExCom might allow time to fix. It is best to review the guidelines before dropping off work.
  • Once an exhibition submission deadline has been reached, no entries will be allowed.
  • Please provide scrap cardboard/plastic to set delivered work upon.
  • Packing materials will not be returned – We do not have storage capabilities.

 Installation Guideline Additions / Exemptions:

  • Large or unframed paper works will be considered at the discretion of the exhibition
  • Headphones or a timer must be installed with all sound works.

 Sawyer Yards is not responsible for damage or theft, however, we will follow professional standards when installing and handling artworks. In addition, we guarantee:

  • All works will be hung with weight specific hooks
  • Artworks not meeting the guidelines will not be included in exhibits to avoid damage to other artists’ work
  • If your artwork is difficult to hang/site, too delicate to handle, you will be contacted for assistance.
  • Artists will be contacted to pick up their work if it does not meet the specific guidelines. If it is an easy fix, the Exhibition Coordinator might give you time to do the fix. It is best to look over the guidelines before dropping off work.

 We cannot guarantee:

  • That every work will receive its’ own lighting source; all fixtures are permanent. We will ty to arrange artwork to utilize the lighting effectively. 
  • Specific locations for specific works
  • Multiple works by the same artist are hung together