Our Walls Stay Fresh. 

With gallery lighting and pristine walls, each building in the Sawyer Yards complex hosts on average 6 exhibitions a year. Our exhibitions aim to showcase the work of our occupants along with local, regional, and national organizations and institutions. We welcome visual art in all media, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, participatory, video and new media.

On View: One Month Exhibitions in Gallery 300

The Silos Exhibition Opportunity:   We now have a new exhibition space in The Silos open exclusively to Silos Artists.  Gallery 300 is located between the restroom area and 300 artist hallway.  This can be either a single artist or team of artists.  Just present your Theme Title, Proposal and up to 8 images.  Each exhibition will show for one month to give as many artists as possbile an opportunity to display their work in this format.

Submission Guidelines:  


This exhibition area is for Silos lease holders only.


This space, generally, should be able to accommodate up to eight large pieces.  However, we will be flexible in our final determination on size and number according to the needs of each showing.


Submission Fee: $0 WAIVED   


  • The first exhibit is scheduled to go up in June

Exhibition Guidelines: 

  • WORKS MUST BE WIRED CORRECTLY FOR HANGING OR THEY WILL NOT BE INCLUDED  (wire MUST be firmly attached to the back of the piece)
  • NO sawtooth hangers or built-in cardboard clips
  • No Anchor Bolts
  • All paintings must be dry (NO wet submissions in any media)
  • Painting stretchers must lay flat against the wall
  • Large or unframed paper works will be considered at the discretion of the exhibition committee, the artist must be available to install
  • Artist must be available to hang their own heavy works (over 30 lbs) or provide special installation instructions and hardware. Most walls are drywall only.
  • Works on canvas must be framed or have finished edges appropriate to the image or process
  • Frames must be in good condition (no scratches or loose corners)
  • Artworks must be clean and free of smudges and smears that are not in keeping with the stylistic intent of the artwork
  • Please specify if an electrical outlet is needed before installation
  • Headphones or a timer must be installed with all sound works
  • Sold works may be removed from the exhibition ONLY if replaced within 48 hours with an artwork similar in scale and no holes are added to the walls.   Email the exhibitions coordinator with an image of the new work and tag information : Rob Gladstone, rob@rob-gladstone-digital.com.
  • All sales are handled directly by the artist. Management will not handle sales in any way
  • Packing materials will not be returned – We do not have storage capabilities

Sawyer Yards is not responsible for damage or theft, however, we will follow professional standards when installing and handling artworks. In addition, we guarantee:

  • All works will be hung with weight specific hooks
  • Artworks not meeting the guidelines will not be included in exhibits to avoid damage to other artists’ work
  • If your artwork is difficult to hang or too delicate to handle, you will be contacted for assistance.
  • Artists will be contacted to pick up their work if it does not meet the specific guidelines.

We cannot guarantee:

  • that every work will receive its’ own lighting source since all fixtures are permanent
  • specific locations for specific works
  • multiple works by the same artist are hung together or near an artists' studio

This fee represents a contribution to a marketing fund specifically to pay for advertising for open studio hours at the Silos over the course of the entire year of 2023, with emphasis on promoting Third Thursdays. Payment of the $120 represents a $10 a month contribution.

Sawyer Yards Art Loan Program: ART HOUSE LOBBY

Project Description: Selected applicants will loan artwork to the ART HOUSE apartments on Edwards Street for a total of 6 months, starting October 20, 2023 and ending April 19, 2024. The program is a rotating display, exclusively for Sawyer Yards tenant artists. The ART HOUSE will host a reception for all participating artists once the work is hung. All works can be available for sale, with the artists taking 100% of their sales price. Sold works will need to remain on the wall until the 6 month display period is concluded.  

Artwork Selection: The audience is primarily the many residents of the Art House, as well as daily guests and visitors passing through the lobby, and the Staff. 

After the submission period is over, Program Manager, Alexander Squier will confer with the selection committee (all staff at Art House) and narrow down selections to fit in the available spaces. Artists will receive notification by Monday, October 16. Those selected will receive instructions regarding delivery to Art House. Selected artists will be responsible for delivering their works to the Art House on the 20th (see drop-off details below), or to the Sawyer Yards Office at Silver Street Studios on an earlier day if needed. 

Artwork Parameters:

  • Minimum Width: Minimum width of canvas or framed work is 20" wide
  • Maximum Width: Artwork or framed exterior dimensions cannot exceed 70" width 
  • Acceptable Media: Only wall-mounted works will be considered. Paintings must be dry, and equipped with hanging hardware such as D-Rings, wire, or a French cleat. Works on paper including drawings, prints, or collage must be properly framed and also equipped with hanging hardware. Framed photography, or photos printed and mounted on aluminum or gator board are also acceptable and must also be wired, have d-rings, or a cleat.  ART MUST BE READY TO HANG
  • Disclaimer: Sawyer Yards is not responsible for damage or loss or artwork while on view. Artists are encouraged to insure their work for the duration of the loan program (if you have insurance on your work it may already be covered when on display). Artwork will be secured in place with a screw lock system that prevents theft. Sawyer Yards and Greystar (The Oliver) do not insure artworks on loan. Artists are responsible for insuring their own artworks for the duration of the loan period. 

Application Requirements:

  1. Images of maximum 3 artworks, ready to hang. Only JPEGs or PNGs up to 5 MB in size will be accepted.
  2. Image List for all Work Examples to include title, date completed (as applicable), dimensions, and material/medium.

Submission and Project Timeline: 

  1. Entry Deadline: Sunday, October 15, 2023
  2. Artist Notification: Monday, October 16, 2023
  3. Artwork Drop off and Install:  Friday, October 20, 2023 
  4. Artwork comes down / is returned:  Friday, April 19, 2023

Drop-off Instructions:

  • If you can, bring your selected works to the Art House's main entrance (2121 Edwards Street) on Friday, October 20, between 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • If you cannot, please drop your work off at the Sawyer Yards Office at Silver Street Studios before Friday. Contact Alexander Squier to make arrangements. (exhibitions@sawyeryards.com)

Our exhibitions aim to showcase the work of our occupants along with local, regional, and national artists, organizations, and institutions. We welcome visual art in all media, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, video, and new media.

Sawyer Yards has three gallery spaces approximately 2000 SQFT. that are programmed out on a rotating basis. Each gallery hosts four exhibitions per year. 

Project Description:

  • Sawyer Yards is accepting exhibition proposals on an ongoing basis. We invite artists and curators to propose exhibition ideas for our gallery spaces.
  • The gallery spaces (3) are approximately 2000 SQFT.
  • Proposals are invited from individual artists, curators, teams, or groups. 
  • The Sawyer Yards Exhibition Program's goal in selecting proposals includes presenting a cross-section of media, content, and diversity over the year while showcasing quality art. 
  • Sawyer Yards Exhibitions reserve the right to refuse the exhibition of work that does not accurately reflect the original proposal. 
  • Sawyer Yards is not responsible for damage or loss or artwork while on view. 
  • Artists are encouraged to insure their work while on view at Sawyer Yards.
  • Publicity will be provided through the Sawyer Yards Exhibition Program. 
  • Open flames and animals are not allowed. Soundtracks and audio must be able to be set on timers to be silenced during theater performances. 

 Evaluation Criteria:

  • Artistic quality: Artists of the highest artistic caliber, as demonstrated by examples of past work.
  • Responsiveness: Letter of intent, proposal images, and final work successfully portray the overall goals of the project as well as engaging and inspiring the community.
  • Project management ability: Applicant(s) demonstrate that the Artist has the necessary capability to accomplish the project, and to create and deliver the work on schedule

 Application Requirements:

  1. Resume, no more than three pages.
  2. Letter of Intent, to include contact information, and a description of how the Artist intends to meet the criteria listed above (1,500 words maximum).
  3. Work Examples: Up to ten (10) samples of previous work. Only JPEGs up to 5 MB in size will be accepted. 
  4. Image List for all Work Examples, to include Artist name(s), title, date completed (as applicable), dimensions, and material/medium.


Once your proposal has been reviewed you will receive notification from Sawyer Yards. Upon selection, the gallery and timeline will be determined for the upcoming year. Applicants whose work does not fit the criteria will be notified in a timely manner. 

Please contact Alexander Squier with any questions: exhibitions@sawyeryards.com