Our exhibitions aim to showcase the work of our occupants along with local, regional, and national artists, organizations, and institutions. We welcome visual art in all media, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, video, and new media.

Sawyer Yards has three gallery spaces approximately 2000 SQFT. that are programmed out on a rotating basis. Each gallery hosts four exhibitions per year. 

Project Description:

  • Sawyer Yards is accepting exhibition proposals on an ongoing basis. We invite artists and curators to propose exhibition ideas for our gallery spaces.
  • The gallery spaces (3) are approximately 2000 SQFT.
  • Proposals are invited from individual artists, curators, teams, or groups. 
  • The Sawyer Yards Exhibition Program's goal in selecting proposals includes presenting a cross-section of media, content, and diversity over the year while showcasing quality art. 
  • Sawyer Yards Exhibitions reserve the right to refuse the exhibition of work that does not accurately reflect the original proposal. 
  • Sawyer Yards is not responsible for damage or loss or artwork while on view. 
  • Artists are encouraged to insure their work while on view at Sawyer Yards.
  • Publicity will be provided through the Sawyer Yards Exhibition Program. 
  • Open flames and animals are not allowed. Soundtracks and audio must be able to be set on timers to be silenced during theater performances. 

 Evaluation Criteria:

  • Artistic quality: Artists of the highest artistic caliber, as demonstrated by examples of past work.
  • Responsiveness: Letter of intent, proposal images, and final work successfully portray the overall goals of the project as well as engaging and inspiring the community.
  • Project management ability: Applicant(s) demonstrate that the Artist has the necessary capability to accomplish the project, and to create and deliver the work on schedule

 Application Requirements:

  1. Resume, no more than three pages.
  2. Letter of Intent, to include contact information, and a description of how the Artist intends to meet the criteria listed above (1,500 words maximum).
  3. Work Examples: Up to ten (10) samples of previous work. Only JPEGs up to 5 MB in size will be accepted. 
  4. Image List for all Work Examples, to include Artist name(s), title, date completed (as applicable), dimensions, and material/medium.


Once your proposal has been reviewed you will receive notification from Sawyer Yards. Upon selection, the gallery and timeline will be determined for the upcoming year. Applicants whose work does not fit the criteria will be notified in a timely manner. 

Please contact Grace Zuñiga with any questions: creativedirector@sawyeryards.com

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.