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ON VIEW: December 5, 2020 - January 9, 2021.

Wabi-Sabi will be an exhibition highlighting the artwork of Silver Street studio artists, site curated by Lorena Morales. The concept fits our current life situation as it encompasses finding beauty/meaning in the imperfect as well as the concepts of impermanence, incompleteness, unconventional, natural, simple. 

Artwork will be hung in the main corridors and some of the hallways and everyone is guaranteed one piece in the main hall. We will ask each artist to bring their work to a central location and will send out an email closer to the time about how and when to drop off artwork. The Exhibition Committee will place the side halls and try to put work close to artists' own studios.

In observance of Covid we will ask artists to hang their own work in a standard way and contact the exhibition committee for special requests. The Exhibition Committee will print labels and attach them after the work is hung. If you would like, Thomas Telle will hang work for $5 a piece. Lorena will do the same. If you would like to take advantage of this service please contact Valentina at  valeatkinson@gmail.com. 

Artwork must be hung by Thursday, December 3rd at 8 PM.

The location of each piece will be determined by content and aesthetic in order to create one cohesive exhibition. This selection process will be reasonable for all and we hope that participants trust that we have everyone's best interest at heart.

Each artist will be allowed to submit up to 5 pieces. Please adhere to the concept of Wabi-Sabi closely to present a uniform exhibit. Please do not submit work that does not express Wabi-Sabi.

Exhibition funds will be used to pay for the curation ( $200), labels, and other exhibition needs. 

This will be a site curated exhibition and we will not jury or curate the pieces, but we do ask that each artist think critically about their current work. Please do not submit pieces that have been in the past exhibits at Silver Street Studios.

The submission deadline will be Sunday, November 30th at 11:59 PM. ALL work must go through Submittable and no work will be accepted after Nov. 30th. 

ALL work must be labeled with name, media, dimension, price, studio number, and website. 


  • On View: December 5, 2020 - January 9, 2021
  • Submission deadline: Sunday, November 30th at 11:59 PM.
  • Deliver Artwork: Tuesday Dec.1st, from 9AM-6 PM. There will be a  check-in table accepting work and volunteers with check the work against the submittable master list and give each piece a number. Work not submitted via Submittable will not be allow and exchanges of pieces will not be accepted. 
  • Artwork Curated: Wednesday, December 2nd
  • Artwork must be hung by Thursday, December 3rd at 8 PM. 

For 2 dimensional artists: 

  • Artwork will be hung on nails on the walls.
  • All works must be framed and wired for hanging using D rings or similar. Works with no frames will be considered, but you must be available to install yourself and/or assist with detailed instructions.

 For jewelers/sculptors: We have 8 pedestals. We will have the appropriate pedestals out in the corridor for you.
For Designers: Designers, please let us know if you can use your mannequins to display your work.

Exhibition Guidelines:
Works must:

  • be wired for hanging (wire MUST be firmly attached to the back of the piece)
  • use D rings
  • or wooden cleats
  • NO sawtooth hangers or built-in cardboard clips. Painting stretchers will NOT be hung on nails on drywall walls.
  • No Anchor Bolts
  • All works on paper, including photographs, must be framed.
  • All paintings must be dry (NO wet submissions in any media.)
  • Painting stretchers must lay flat against the wall
  • Unframed works will be considered, but artist must be available to install
  • Artist must be available to hang their own heavy works (over 30 lbs) or provide special installation instructions and hardware. Most walls are drywall only.
  • Works on canvas must be framed or have edges appropriate to the image or process
  • Frames must be in good condition (no scratches or loose corners)
  • Artworks must be clean and free of smudges and smears that are not in keeping with the stylistic intent of the artwork
  • Please specify if an electrical outlet is needed before installation!
  • Works sold MUST remain on the walls for the duration of the exhibition. Work accepted for an exhibition may not be substituted, nor will any be permitted to be withdrawn during an exhibition, except in extenuating circumstances, and then only with the approval of the Exhibition Coordinator.
  • All sales are handled directly by the artist. Management will not handle sales in any way.
  • Please provide scrap cardboard/plastic to set delivered work upon.
  • Packing materials will not be returned – We do not have storage capabilities.

  Installation Guideline Additions / Exemptions:

  • Large or unframed paper works will be considered at the discretion of the exhibition
  • Headphones or a timer must be installed with all sound works.

  Sawyer Yards is not responsible for damage or theft, however, we will follow professional standards when installing and handling artworks. In addition, we guarantee:

  • All works will be hung with weight specific hooks
  • Artworks not meeting the guidelines will not be included in exhibits to avoid damage to other artists’ work
  • If your artwork is difficult to hang/site, too delicate to handle, you will be contacted for assistance.
  • Artists will be contacted to pick up their work if it does not meet the specific guidelines. If it is an easy fix, the Exhibition Coordinator might give you time to do the fix. It is best to look over the guidelines before dropping off work.

  We cannot guarantee:

  • that every work will receive its’ own lighting source since all fixtures are permanent
  • specific locations for specific works
  • multiple works by the same artist are hung together


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.